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Manchester Hospital School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the individual needs and circumstances of all our pupils.

Where a pupil remains on the roll of another school, information will be sought from that school regarding the prior attainment and any future targets for the pupil.

Statements of Special Educational Need/Education and Health Care Plans and Individual Education Plans will be requested where in place.

It is essential that all involved parties work in partnership in order to provide the best continuity of education and support for each pupil. Manchester Hospital School will provide relevant teaching in line with the National Curriculum for pupils appropriate to both their emotional and educational needs. The school endeavours to provide a bespoke curriculum for each pupil that is adaptable to their current circumstance.

The curriculum is delivered by a highly experienced and qualified team of teachers and teaching assistants; this enables us to offer a high level of support for the pupils. For pupils in hospital settings the lesson content will be requested from the
home school, If this is not available the experienced teaching staff will provide appropriate learning opportunities. Pupils attending the Leo Kelly Centre will broadly follow the National Curriculum, and will be offered a limited range of options at Key Stage 4.

If parents or members of the public would like to find out more about the curriculum offer at our school please contact Liz Jones School Business Manager